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Personal Injury Law in Connecticut

If you or someone close to you has been injured as the result of the carelessness or negligence of another, an attorney should be contacted to discuss the laws applicable to the injuries and the accident. Insurance companies begin defending claims as soon as the accident occurs, and you should begin preserving your legal rights as soon as possible too. If you would like to discuss the legal options following a car crash please feel free to contact Law Office of Kristen Mostowy, LLC. Attorney Mostowy is a car crash attorney that has represented many injured clients, and select insurance companies, in the past and she will use her past experience in representing both the injured and the insurance companies to work for you. She offers legal services to the injured for a contingency fee. A contingency fee means legal fees are not paid unless money is recovered as compensation for your injuries.

If you have been in a car crash the first thing you should do is seek appropriate medical care. Whether you take an ambulance to the emergency room or follow up with your primary care physician, your health and medical treatment is paramount at all times. Legal rights cannot replace good health, and following the advice of your doctor must remain first and foremost.

After your initial medical treatment is squared away you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. Attorney Mostowy recommends that you contact an personal injury or car crash attorney before speaking with an insurance representative. Insurance representatives are paid to limit claims, and will attempt to solicit damaging and sometimes even misleading information, while bypassing evidence against the insured, from claimants during the very first call reporting the crash. The insurance company will record the conversation, prepare a written transcript of the call, and whether it is misleading or not, provide the statement to their staff attorneys to use against you at trial. You should retain your own attorney to make sure any statement given to an insurance company is complete, fair, and accurately reflects that facts regarding the crash.

Typical injury claims include car crashes, slip or trip and fall cases, assault, and accidents resulting from defective products. Attorney Mostowy has experience with litigation regarding all different types of claims. Regardless of the type of case, she will work closely with you at all times to provide full information as to the applicable laws, options available, and what should be expected as the case proceeds through settlement discussions and the Court system, if necessary.

The first step in evaluating your case is to determine liability. In order to asses liability you must look at all culpable parties, the fault of the parties, and whether additional insurance policies will become available, or excluded, depending on the type of lawsuit and the identity of the defendants. Fault is generally determined by assessing whether someone was negligent, and to what extent the negligent act caused your injuries. She has settled and taken cases to trial and monitor jury verdict reporting to continuously improve, test, and evaluate recommendations concerning liability.

The value of a case is also a crucial factor in deciding when and how to enter into settlement negotiations. If the demand is low an injured person is left without a fair recovery. If an offer is unjustly high, the insurance company may be turned away from further discussions due to the excessive demand, in turn causing an injured person to undergo sometimes unnecessary depositions and/or a trial. It is important to make a demand that is fair and facilitates resolution of a claim if possible. If a fair demand is rejected, an injured person proceeds to trial knowing that they are justified in doing so. While past results do not guarantee future results, my past experience and continuous monitoring of jury verdicts allows me to make fair demands, justify the amounts requested, and either facilitate a fair resolution of your case or proceed to trial from a position of strength. It also allows Attorney Mostowy to fully inform her clients as to the basis of her recommendations.

Car crashes are a very common source of injuries and claims against insurance companies. Attorney Mostowy has represented many clients injured in low and high speed rear-end accidents, t-bone, side swipe and intersection crashes, highway and high speed crashes, vehicle rollovers, traffic violations, the running of red lights or stop signs, crossing into oncoming traffic, and vehicle/pedestrian accidents. Some crashes result in the total loss of the vehicle, and others cause minor damage to the car.

Slip or trip and fall cases also are very common. An insurance company often puts forth a vigorous defense to these types of cases. Quickly documenting the cause of the fall, the weather at the time of the fall, and the extent a trip or slip mechanism is concealed or obvious will impact the success of your claim.

Other cases result from motorcycle accidents, plane crashes, and defective products. Whether your case is typical or unique, Attorney Mostowy offers a free consultation to fully discuss the potential claim and your legal rights.

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