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Connecticut's divorce rate ranks the state #37 in the nation in the percentage of residents who are divorced. According to the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey, 10.6 percent of state residents are divorced, 1.4 percent are separated, and 48.2 percent are married.

Divorce is often noted as the most difficult life experience a person can go through. These matters can be uncontested or contested and often involve children, finances and major life changing decisions.

Divorce matters don't always have to be contentious. Collaborative divorce is growing in the state of Connecticut. Mediation has is an avenue often chosen by couples who willing to work together throughout the process. Attorney Mostowy will utilize her experience to guide you through the areas of child support, alimony or spousal support, division of assets, division of debts, custody arrangements and parenting plans.

Connecticut has recently revised its divorce rules. The previous 90 day cooling off period can be skipped entirely in some cases where the parties meet the requirements for a nonadversarial divorce. These requirements include: a marriage lasting 9 years or less, no children of the marriage, all marital property is less than $80,000, neither party has a defined pension plan or pending bankruptcy action and there are no protection orders or restraining orders between the parties. These new requirements can allow parties to obtain their divorce as quickly as possible.

However, not all couples will fall within these new guidelines. Call Attorney Mostowy to discuss your options today. She has assisted client in obtaining divorces in both contested and uncontested matters.